Massive Sms Tool


Jubin Free SMS tool  v.1.5

Send free sms anywhere using way2sms tool without the hassles of advertisement. An SMS message sender. Jubin Free SMS tool is an easy to use software that can help you send SMS messages from your computer.Jubin Free SMS tool Features: 1. Send sms to

M-People SMS Desktop Toolbar  v.1 3

You will be able to send massive SMS, without going to a web site or a desktop application. You only need to open your browser. It is very easy to install and use it.


J2ME Server  v.1.0

Host your J2ME application in your

Ringtone Keypress  v.1.0

Accept Midi file and RTL file as input,

SMSArrow Free Desktop SMS  v.1 1

SMSArrow Free Desktop SMS is a freeware software that helps you easily and quickly send free telephone sms. SMSArrow Free Desktop SMS it is easy to use, powerful, professional, smart and efficient tool.

SMS Text Messge Fill Buddy  v.2.1

SMS Text Messge Fill Buddy 2.

Nokia E-Mail Configuration Tool  v.

Nokia E-mail Configuration Tool is a freeware application for Nokia PC Suite that allows you to define e-mail settings on your desktop computer and send them to a Nokia mobile device via SMS text messages.

Eazy SMS Gateway  v.1.0

Eazy SMS Gateway - a flexible tool for sending and receiving SMS from PC. Eazy SMS Gateway (EazySMS) is a tool for Short Message Services (SMS) messaging.

SMS Excel Plugin  v.3 5

Our software takes less than 2 minutes to download and install onto your computer. Upon installation you can send customized SMS in bulk directly from an excel sheet. A flash demo can be viewed at

Net-SMS  v.1.1

Send SMS with the help of this tool. Net-SMS is a simple java based desktop software to send sms through free and paid service providers. This software is easy-to-use which supports rich address list features.Net-SMS Features: 1. Send free SMS from

SMS Backup Reader  v.0.5.1

SMS Backup Reader was developed as a Java-based application that is able to read the XML backup files generated by SMS Backup & Restore on Android devices.

MP3 Repair Tool

You are currently working with your MP3 files and suddenly one file does not play anymore. This sounds familiar to you? Then we may have help for you: MP3 Repair Tool MP3 files are very sensitive. Just a single modified byte can make the whole file

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